What are General Application Email Notifications?

The general application email notifications is a new enhancement rolled out to RecruiterPal following positive feedback from employers on receiving timely notifications whenever a general application submission comes in. A jobseeker may seek to submit his/her CV for the employers' consideration, even if there isn't a suitable vacancy available at the moment. Through RecruiterPal, you are also able to capture and build upon your talent pipeline all the time, regardless of whether there are active recruitment activity on your career page. 

Who receives these email notifications? 

Users that have access to your Talent Pool within RecruiterPal will receive an email notification whenever a general application is received. 

How do I turn these email notifications off? 

RecruiterPal allows users to easily manage their settings within the system. With the user settings, you can set whether you would like to receive the type of email notifications that are sent by RecruiterPal to keep you in the loop of the recruitment workflow. 

To turn off these email notifications, simply:

  1. Click on your name on the top black navigation bar
  2. Select User Settings
  3. Click on the Notification Settings tab on the left menu bar
  4. Click to the second page of email notification template types 
  5. Search for "Candidate General Application" 
  6. Click the blue toggle switch to switch off the email notification