Date of release: 3 December 2020

Version: V_2020_12_1

  New Feature 

Reaching out to Facebook's 2.7 billion users has never been easier, with our new Facebook Jobs integration feature. Here are the simple steps to take on RecruiterPal: 

1. In your job creation process, select Facebook as one of the channels to broadcast your job opportunity ; Your job opportunity will be published on Facebook jobs automatically. 

Should you like to have the jobs show up on your Facebook business page as well, simply:

1.  Log into Facebook as a page administrator

2. Click on the Jobs tab and click Connect on the section Jobs from API sources  

Now, your jobs will also show up on your Facebook business page, under the jobs tab. 

How to Access the function

To enable this feature you can access it through Business Entity > Manage Settings > Job portal settings and search for "Facebook Jobs"