Date of release: 28 Dec 2020

Version: V_2020_12_3 


Look, More Fields!

You can now add new fields to your secondary information request form to solicit important information from your candidates as part of your pre-onboarding process.

New Sections

  • Payroll - Bank Code, Branch Code and Account Number fields
  • Personal Address - Capture personal address fields (e.g. Country, address, postal code)
  • Emergency Contact - Emergency Contact Name, Contact Number, Contact Relation
  • Identification - Identification Type, Date of Application, Date of Expiry (If applicable)

New Fields Under Personal Profile Section

  • Religion 
  • Race 

How to Access the Added Fields 

  1. Added sections and fields for information under the Business Entities > Manage Settings > Information Request Form > Manage Fields
    • Payroll
    • Personal Address
    • Emergency Contact
    • Identification
  2.  Under the same menu added religion and race field to personal profile section


  • Secondary information request is a value added feature