Permission level : Accounts with value added feature Secondary Information Request

This feature is an value-added feature to enable the solicitation of information from candidates after his/her application submission via a customizable digital form. 

  1. On the top right, click on the Building icon > Business Entity 

  2. Under the relevant business entity, click Manage Settings Information Request Form

Form Creation

  1. To add customer form click on the Add Form button

  2. Input the Form Name and select the Job Categories in the dialog box, then click Add to continue

Edit Detail

  1. To edit form detail, click on the Edit Details and change the information provided in the dialog box, then click Add to save changes

Manage Fields

Click on Manage Fields to set each application form field that will be displayed in the secondary information request - Each field can be set as mandatory (Asterik icon), optional (Tick icon) or Hidden (Cross icon). 

Duplicate function

  1. To duplicate a form click on the Duplicate and you can modify the details in the dialog box if needed, then click Add to continue.

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