Permission level :  Entity Administrator and above

Approve and publish job opportunities on your Facebook Business Page easily using the RecruiterPal - Facebook Jobs API Integration.

  1. Main navigation bar : Click on the Building icon Business Entity > Manage Settings > Business Profiles > Edit
  2. Add your Facebook Business Page URL and click Save
  3. Create a job opportunity and select Facebook as one of the portals to publish the job opportunity to 
  4. Visit your Facebook page as a page administrator and click on Manage Jobs (Left menu bar)
  5. Under the section Jobs from API Sourcesyou should see RecruiterPal as one of the options to publish the job opportunity that you have just created in step 3 onto your Facebook business page. Click on Actions and select Link from this Source

  6. You should see a confirmation that the source is linked, and the job opportunity will be published onto your Facebook business page in a little while.