1. Click on Hire tab on the top navigation bar and select Manpower Requisitions

  2. Click on the Open tab to see the list of approved manpower requisitions

  3.  Click on Create Job for the selected approved manpower requisition 

  4.  Choose the employment type,  job category and click Next

  5. In the job setup screen, choose the office location and select the application form template, questionnaire and review questionnaire for this job opportunity and click Next

  6. In the job details screen, fill up the relevant job details and click Next

  7. Choose the relevant job portals to post your job to and click Next

  8. Choose from the list of third-party recruiters if you would like to invite them to source for candidates for this job opportunity and click Next (Otherwise, click Next to skip)

  9. Add users to your hiring team for the job opportunity

  10. Review the job details before clicking Submit to complete the job creation workflow