Permission level :  System Administrator

RecruiterPal has enhanced the permissions access to sensitive candidate profile information such as candidate's stated current salary remuneration details and his/her contact details. 

Contact and Email Address are hidden from view for users without the valid access rights

Salary information is hidden from view for users without the valid access rights

By default, the only users that are able to view the restricted information are:

  • [Entity Level]: Entity managers
  • [Access Level]: Job owner or Full access (Candidates within jobs where user has either of the access level)

Should you like to modify the user access to view the restricted information, please follow the set of instructions below.

1. On the top right, click on the Building icon > System Settings

2. Click Access Management on the right menu bar.

3. Under Permissions, check Access Level. Select the Access Level you wish to modify from the dropdown menu and click Go.

The following System Default Access Levels cannot be modified: Full Access, View Access, Owner, Interviewer

4.  Under Job Opportunity Candidate, toggle the following to hide or allow viewing of restricted information. Click Update on the top right to save.

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