Expand your network and outreach to candidates by tapping on your colleagues and friends to refer good candidates for the positions you are hiring for. On RecruiterPal, creating referral programmes is easy and enables you to track the candidates and referrers effortlessly.

  1. To do so, simply click on the button Create a Job

  2. Under the Job Portals selection in the job creation workflow process, select the usual outreach channels, as well as the Internal Referral Integration option

After creating the job successfully, you will be able to view the job opportunity in your group referral pages you will see the job opportunity appears under (https://{Company}.recruiterpal.com/career/referrals) - Share the referrals page with your colleagues to kickstart the referral programme. 

When referree applies for any of the jobs listed on the referrals page, they will be able to list down the details of their referrer, and will be tagged to as a Referral.