AI Recruiter Network is a smart talent sourcing tool provided to job postings that are receiving insufficient candidate applications for hiring teams to proceed to the next recruitment step of candidate review. The AI Recruiter Network scours millions of profiles from different recruiters’ databases that are on our AI Recruiter Network to suggest candidate profiles that are a good match for your job postings. 

The top 3 candidate profiles are prepared and neatly listed for you in an email notification for hiring teams to consider. Depending on the candidate, hiring teams will be able to see information such as the candidates’ relevant skills and skill proficiency, job match score, current work location and more.  To consider these candidates for the job opportunity, simply select the candidates and one of the recruitment specialists will be in touch with you shortly to discuss on recommending the selected candidate, alongside with other similar candidate profiles for your review.

Unlike the traditional recruitment model, where a large part of the recruitment specialists’ time is spent on sourcing for the job opportunity, as well as curating the candidate recommendations, the candidate recommendations are powered by RecruiterPal’s proprietary AI engine, which automates the candidate matching process. As such, you will find that the recruitment rates provided by our recruiter partners are on average, 40% lower than the industry standard.