1. Locate the Building Icon button on the top right-hand corner and select Business Entity.

2. On the left menu panel, click on Career Portal Settings.

3. Click on the Create Revision on the row with the label "Published".

4. Click on Edit Color Scheme to change the color scheme of the career portal, such as the footer color, header color, etc.

5. Click on Header Bar to edit the primary menu bar, as well as upload your company logo. 

6. Click on the Cover Images to edit the carousel images. The ideal dimensions for the carousel is 1266 x 360 px.

7. Click on the Hero label to edit the hero text section.

8. Click on the Job Categories to edit the images and text label for the job categories. The job category image dimensions is 560 x 370px.

9. Click on the Footer to edit the information in the footer (e.g. social media links, navigation links, about us, etc). 

10. To commit the changes to the career portal, click on the Save button and "Publish and Save".