1. Enter the Jobs page by clicking on Jobs on the main menu bar.

2. Click on the Add Job button on the right.

3. Select your Business Entity, Business Profile, and the Job Category you would like to create your job opportunity under. Click Next to proceed.

4. Follow the Job Creation Workflow to complete your job creation.

You can click on the steps to return to any previously completed steps.

4.1. Job setup - Fill in the relevant information and select application form templates and questionnaires to be applied.

4.2. Job Details and Skills - Fill in the relevant job details or apply a job template you have created and saved earlier. Alternately, use the SSG Skills Framework to determine industry-relevant details and skills.

4.3. Portals - Select the job portals you would like to publish the job on.

4.4. Recruiters - Add third-party recruiters to increase hiring rates.

4.5. Hiring team - Select the hiring team members that should be involved in this job opportunity.

4.6 Review - Have a final review of the job opportunity before posting it! Click Next to publish the opportunity.