Permission level :  Job owner, HR team

You can trigger email notifications to your selected recruitment provider(s) to submit suitable candidate recommendations to you easily via our recruiter integration. 

Recruiters is a step within your job creation workflow. Choose from your list of third-party recruiters, or from our preferred list of recruiters by clicking on the icons. 

If you would like to skip the use of third-party recruiters, simply click next to proceed to add your hiring team.

The recruitment agency providers you have selected will be reflected on the right-most panel. After selecting your third-party recruiters, you can determine the following options:

  • Application form template
  • Job application questionnaire
  • Sender email address
  • Email template for sending recruiters the notification 

An email with a unique tracking link will be sent to each recruiter that you have selected for the recruiter to submit suitable candidates for your job posting.

Candidates sent by the recruiters will be tagged to the recruiter source, alongside with the recruiter's name in the candidate profile within RecruiterPal.