If and when you require troubleshooting or technical assistance, our RecruiterPal support team would typically request that you provide a screenshot for us to understand the issue(s) you are facing. 

Providing the screenshot(s) would help us understand the issue(s) at hand, and accelerate our resolution of the issue for you. 

To take a screenshot on a Mac operating system:

  • Press Command + Shift ⇧ + 4

A screenshot will be taken and saved automatically to your desktop. 

To take a screenshot on a Windows operating system:

  • Press Windows key + Print Screen key


  • Press Fn Key + Windows key + Print Screen key (for keyboards with Fn key)

Your screen will go dim briefly to indicate that you've just taken a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved to your Pictures > Screenshots folder

Share the screenshot with us by:

Live chat:

Click the file options and upload the screenshot


Email us the screenshot by sending it to support@recruiterpal.com