1. On the top right, click on the Building icon > Business Entity

2. Under the relevant business entity, click Manage Settings > Career Portal Settings

3. Under the relevant career portal, click Create Revision.

Note: You may only have one career portal published at any given time, per business entity. Your published career portal is usually your newest.

4. Customize your career portal to your liking.

To edit a section, hover over the relevant area and an edit tab will appear on the left.

Top Bar

4.1a. Edit Color Scheme - Change the color scheme of your text, header, footer, etc.

4.1b. Save - Click to save or publish your revision.

4.1c. Cancel - Discard revision and return to the previous page.

Left Tabs

4.2. Header Bar - Edit your primary navigation bar, as well as upload your company logo. 

4.3. Cover Images - Edit and upload carousel cover images. A good image size is 1266p width x 360p height.

4.4. Hero - Edit your hero text section.

4.5. Job Categories - Edit images and titles for the job categories. A good job category image size is 560p width x 370p height.

4.6. Footer - Edit your footer information (e.g. social media links, navigation links, about us, etc). 

5. Click on Save and Publish and Save to commit changes and publicize.